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October 16, 2019 Newsletter No. 005

Good morning family!

I believe that we are all called to pursue our passions yet only a few of us will be brave enough to answer. There are so many reasons why October is such an important month for me. October is a month of tremendous highs and lows. While I am a leo born in July, this is my month of transformation and rebirth. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!

October 3, 2001
I called myself A WRITER for the first time.

October 6, 2004
I would have a nervous breakdown after finding my boss dead in his office
during my time working for a major magazine company.

October 15, 2006
I founded the NYC Latina Writer’s Group
(one month after my cousin who was like a brother passed away).

October, 2007
My first piece would be published on Afrolatinos in a major magazine
landing me my role as head writer for the Afrolatinos documentary.

October, 2013
My Writing from the Womb Workshop was born.

October 18, 2018
My brother Fabio Antonio Santos Jr. lost his battle with cancer.

The one constant of this month is that I have learned so much about myself. I have fallen and risen from the ashes. I have taken blows and kept it moving. So in keeping with what drives me I am constantly searching for ways to grow and expand. I am on a constant journey towards the pursuit of happiness and living my passion. This is evident in all of the work that I put out into the world. I pray that you are happy. I pray that you are seeking ways everyday to expand and grow and move towards the life you are meant to have. You don’t have to do it alone. Seek out spaces that nurture your creativity and give you the support and encouragement you need. I have lots of events coming up. I hope to see you and hug you at one or all of them!


NYCLWG flyer
RSVP for the Anniversary of the NYC Latina Writers Group:

Ladrona! Celebration and Reading

“Calladita te ves más bonita” translates to you look more beautiful silent!” Women writers are often met with resistance when they write about subjects that go against the status quo or express unpopular opinions. Some writers are afraid to write on subjects worried about “lo que dirán.” In many ways this mutes the writer. Culturally, many womyn of color have been taught that it is best we say less and never mind express our anger. “Calladita te vez mas bonita” is a way of invisibilizing, controlling and silencing women writers. This is a multi-genre workshop and open to writers writing in all forms. We will be reading and working with several diverse forms including hybrid prose and lyric essays. This workshop is inclusive of all genders. WHO SHOULD ATTEND: New, emerging, aspiring and seasoned writers.

Calladita te más bonita

Life, Death, Rebirth & Writing Memoir ~ The writer’s journey can feel lonely. Sometimes the themes that rise for us are difficult to get onto the page. Writing personal narratives, non-fiction and memoir require that we tap into a place that few are allowed to enter. Writing memoir requires that we surrender to the process and give ourselves over completely to our story. Alicia has created a safe space for these stories to be written and writing with her is an experience! You will leave her workshops feeling like you can envision, outline and write your story, with valuable tools to finish it. This workshop is open to writers writing in all forms. This workshop is inclusive of all genders. WHO SHOULD ATTEND: New, emerging, aspiring and seasoned writers.
Calladita te más bonita (1)

Writing from the Womb ~ is Anabel’s signature workshop. For six years she has designed a workshop that helps push writers to connect to the heart of their story. We are being called to get our asses down in the chair and write the story. Our writing goal is to have at least 25 pages of NEW writing in two sessions. Breathe. Don’t be afraid. Trust that she can hold you during this process. She will gently push you to dive deeper, dig, and really live inside of your story. It is her privilege to be your Writing Midwife! This workshop is open to writers writing in all forms. This workshop is inclusive of all genders. WHO SHOULD ATTEND: New, emerging, aspiring and seasoned writers.
Calladita te más bonita (2)

Writing workshops are $45 per class / $150 for all four! REGISTER TODAY!

healing sh__ (1)

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL $315.00 for all seven Healing Sh** Goddess Training Workshops!
RSVP before October 25th for early bird rate.
Register now for Healing Sh** series $60.00 per session



Alicia Anabel Santos is a consecrated iyalocha-priestess and initiated daughter of Oggun and Oya in the Lucumi-Ifa-Regla de Ocha tradition. Anabel is the Founder of LA SANTERA, a spiritual consulting firm providing counseling to individuals and businesses looking to thrive rather than just survive. La Santera offers consultas/readings and spiritual retreats where one can learn in depth about the Yoruba tradition. We also facilitate ceremonies for those interested and who have been called. La Santera will work with those with whom a magnetic energy can be felt and recommends you not work with anyone to whom you don’t feel connected! Spiritual connections are an important part of spiritual practice. Working with the spiritual guidance of La Santera and her team/spiritual family can produce results such as a deepening spiritual practice, healing, grappling with intergenerational trauma, ancestor honor, manifestation, guidance, and ascension. Connect with her and take the next steps on your spiritual journey. MUST RSVP to attend Eventbrite https://bit.ly/2mrJMF9 – Email me at lasantera.nyc@gmail.com for more information or to schedule a consult.

Thank you Angy Abreu and the Dominican Writers Association for sponsoring the 13th Anniversary of the NYC Latina Writer’s Group as well as my upcoming writing workshops. Thank you to Raygrid and the Spiritually Sparkled community for providing a space where the writers who attend my workshops will feel they are in a sacred space that supports them in their creativity. Thank you to all those who have RSVP’d for the launch of my business: LA SANTERA Spiritual Consulting Firm it is going to be a special event.
Do not fear the end of this year approaching. Do not worry that time is passing you by. I know that for many of us we have dealt with a lot of loss and disappointments this year. Many of us have felt paralyzed while others have felt incredibly driven and determined. Wherever you are in your journey, you are exactly where you are meant to be. The universe is perfectly aligned with your intention and everyday is an opportunity to begin again.

This week is a devastating week for me as I will be holding the one year mass for my brother Fabio Antonio Santos Jr. ibaye baye tonu this Friday, and then I will attend the funeral of one of my best friends who lost her father. Yesterday, October 15th was the dia festivo of my mother, OYA YANSA (Orisha, guardian of the cemetary) as well as the 13th anniversary of the NYCLWG. October represents so much death for me, but also so much life!

There is a cycle we are being called to honor–life, death, rebirth. I am wishing you peace on your journey as well as strength because it takes alot of strength to go through all that we have been through and still manage to wake up each day wanting to contribute something good to the world. Bendiciones family. Sending you so much love.

Keep ASCENDING! Wishing you peace, love and prosperity!

With love,

To support my work please visit my PATREON page! Thank you again for being a part of my journey.


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