Healing Sh*t Series

November 2, 2019 Newsletter No. 007

Greetings beautiful one,

Over a year ago I began planning the HEALING SH** series and each of you said YES to being part of this transformative and powerful movement. Unfortunately, I was unable to fully be present for the 33 womyn who answered the call. When my brother lost his battle with cancer there was a huge part of me that died. I was devastated that I was unable to hold space for you to do some real digging and HEAL SOME SHIT!

After taking the time necessary time of doing my own healing work I feel more ready to hold space for the amazing womyn who have answered the call. 

I want it to be affordable for the attendees so I am running a SALE (marking it down from $315 per person to buy one get one so that you can bring a sister you love) seven sessions for $233.  I will be using the money to pay for the venue, get all the supplies we will need for the workshops and to pay each of my facilitators.

Please feel free to share with your community of womyn who really could benefit from this experience.

Many of us are holding so much pain and are looking for ways to get unblocked and heal the shit that has been holding us back and keeping us blocked–very much connected to what we have inherited. I recognize the need for us, those who hold our families down, the light workers, mothers, sisters, educators who do it all–to TAKE, and by take I mean SNATCH the time necessary to take care of ourselves. For seven weeks we are putting ourselves, our spirits and our healing first.

The idea of the HEALING SHIT ~ Goddess Workshop is to begin to shed whatever is holding us back!!! It’s about letting go of the shit we carry both individually, collectively and inter/trans-generationally. The Seven Week Goddess Workshop will focus on answering the question: How can we heal ourselves through the aids of our ancestors? What methods of healing are our birthright? Our workshops will tap into our ancestral lines for the answers we seek honoring several traditions and methods of unblocking and healing our shit.

The goal is 33 women healing together. I believe in our magic. I believe that our personal and individual healing heals our communities and our families. There is power in sisterhood. There is power in the divine feminine. I hope you will say yes. Those of you who won the FREE scholarship–I intend to honor it. You get to come for FREE. All I ask is that in return you help me fill the space, I need your assistance with getting womyn to attend. Please promote, share and bring this invitation to as many womyn as you can.  To the men who receive my newsletters, this is wonderful gift to give the women in your life!

About our facilitators, they are dancers, yoga instructors, social justice workers, activists, writers, educators, brujas and healers. I will be announcing them next week. 

The sessions will be held at:

Alianza Dominicana

Cultural Center

530 W 166th Street

New York, NY

Healing Sh** Dates:

Session 1 – November 16th

Session 2 – November 23rd

Session 3 – November 30th

Session 4 – December 7th

Session 5 – December 14th

Session 6 – December 21st

Session 7 – December 28th 

ALL SESSIONS are from 10:00AM – 3:00PM

Each week will be focusing on specific themes:

  • Medicine making

  • Cutting cord ceremony

  • Ancestral healing / healing generational trauma

  • Connecting to your intuition, our inner goddess, and inner bruja

  • Manifesting your vision

  • Harnessing the power of the divine femine

  • Releasing anger / rage / primal scream

  • Forgiveness

  • Spiritual practice

  • Creating an altar

  • The last session is a COMMITMENT CEREMONY, you will marry yourself.

I know that this series is going to be life changing and I also know that the womyn who show up are meant to be there.


With love and many blessings,



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