Finally Free

Excerpted from Finding Your Force, Chapter 13 2005 Finally Free~ It was freezing that December 31st it was my last day EVER walking into that building. I would never have to walk back into KB’s office. I would never see those people again. After everything that I had been through the head of HR was… Continue reading Finally Free

Letting Him Go…

Excerpt from Finding Your Force, Chapter 22 Closer to my dreams. It was the night before New Years Eve. I had been writing all day at my writing spot at Grand Central Station and it was time for a break. I was participating in a competition write your novel in 3 days. I decided to… Continue reading Letting Him Go…

Finding the Light in a Laugh

Excerpted from Finding Your Force Prayer: I know that there are NO OBSTACLES~ that all that you put in my path is for my learning… for my greater good. Please help me to release the poison inside of me. I’m miserable, unhappy and feeling unfulfilled in my life. Spiritually I know what I need to… Continue reading Finding the Light in a Laugh

A Holiday Reprieve…Time for You

It's so easy this time of year to forget.  And to forget about something really important. Ourselves... Let this mediation serve as a reminder that, no matter what season of our lives, the force within us is a powerful light.  Let it shine. A meditation from November, 2011: For far too long I have been taking care of… Continue reading A Holiday Reprieve…Time for You

The Day You Saved My Life

Chapter Two: Finding Your Force Our beginnings / Summer 1991 I remember the first time your abuela and I found out. We went to see this bruja in Providence, RI. The room was dark, candles lit everywhere. San Miguel hanging on the wall, images of unfamiliar saints were on the floor, and this older woman… Continue reading The Day You Saved My Life

When It’s Crumbling Around Us

Image courtesy of: How are you today? How are you today? I am thinking about all the people who will say that to someone today. “How are you?” Can you imagine if you went around asking someone this question and they actually told us the truth – – told us everything. “How are you?” And… Continue reading When It’s Crumbling Around Us