by Lexi Eikelboom Chora The womb is a rhythm. It pulses with life, communicates, pours itself out, interrupts, gives form. Rhythm both gives identity and interrupts identity. Each life is given particularity by the pace at which it moves and the shapes it makes, but that life can be disrupted by the interposition of other… Continue reading Chora

LEXI EIKELBOOM: Writer, Artist, Teacher, Student

Lexi Eikelboom is a theologian undertaking doctoral research at the University of Oxford on the topic of rhythm in recent continental philosophy and theology. When not teaching and writing, Lexi embraces both prose and paint as her medium of choice, describing it as "a way of depicting the abstract ideas that I use in my research to… Continue reading LEXI EIKELBOOM: Writer, Artist, Teacher, Student

Cielo’s Little Box: Excerpts from Finding Your Force

Finding Your Force: A Journey To Love by Alicia Anabel Santos I want to tell you a story about Cielo and her favorite box... Cielo is little girl with dark eyes and no smile. She has beautiful brown hair that feels like silk. Her skin is like caramel. She came to me the other day… Continue reading Cielo’s Little Box: Excerpts from Finding Your Force

Falling Asleep on the Dream ~ Writing Towards Manifestation ~ Day 1

Writing Towards Manifestation ~ Falling Asleep on the Dream! Part 1: The Tale of the Far Off Land… I have been asleep for most 2014. I am meditating on this truth this morning. Yesterday I realized something important for my life: when I am moving there is much I accomplish. When I am searching I… Continue reading Falling Asleep on the Dream ~ Writing Towards Manifestation ~ Day 1