FYF ~ Chapter 28: Hitting That Wall Over and Over! #FYFLove #audiobook

This was an incredible gift and opportunity. Why was I afraid? What is it that I'm most afraid of? FAILING!!! I am afraid of failing you, failing my family, failing myself, failing my friends and failing at life. It’s not an easy task to follow our hearts desire when we allow fear to set in.… Continue reading FYF ~ Chapter 28: Hitting That Wall Over and Over! #FYFLove #audiobook

Sometimes Writers Just Need Support! #WFWWritein

Yesterday was our last WFW Writing Workshop for this round and it was intense, beautiful, and inspiring. Six writers journeyed with me for the past three months to explore genres they have never written. These writers chose to expand. To be uncomfortable. To grow as writers. We wrote flash fiction, essay, and short story. They… Continue reading Sometimes Writers Just Need Support! #WFWWritein

THIS IS THE YEAR I PUBLISH #WFW2017 #52essays2017 #52risks

  You want to be a writer! You dream of writing! You haven’t told anyone that you have always wanted to write! You are scared of writing! You worry what people will think of you! You have an amazing idea that would make a great book and an even better lifetime movie! You have so… Continue reading THIS IS THE YEAR I PUBLISH #WFW2017 #52essays2017 #52risks