We are thrilled to introduce this year’s keynote. Alicia met Tonya at the Tengo Sed Writer’s Retreat in Costa Rica and left feeling inspired, motivated and more ready to tackle the world of fiction. MEET OUR KEYNOTE Tonya Cherie Hegamin   Tonya Cherie Hegamin is the Creative Writing Coordinator and an Assistant Professor at the… Continue reading SANKOFA SISTERHOOD KEYNOTE

Draft to Completion ~#writingcoach

In 2006 I launched the New York City Latina Writers Group (NYCLWG) with the intention of having a place where women could create, write and share their stories in a supportive and safe space. The organization has grown from the original six women who showed up one cold October evening to a complete stranger's small… Continue reading Draft to Completion ~#writingcoach

I was lost and now I’m found…

Not so long ago I left corporate america vowing to never return. I was making over $80K a year, 401K package and company stocks. During that time in my life I could easily spend $300-$500 on any given weekend for no particular occasion, dining at some of New York's posh restaurants and drinking at the… Continue reading I was lost and now I’m found…

Solidarity Through the Decolonization of Ourselves #decolonizelatinx

I am honored to be facilitating a workshop at the New England Latinx Student Leadership Conference:    Reconciling Identities: Sexuality, Spirituality and the Policing of Blackness! Can you be light-skinned Latinx, practitioner of Regla de Ocha and a lesbian? How does one deconstruct racism and self-hate?  Decolonizing conditioned ideas requires the deconstructing of thoughts: Who… Continue reading Solidarity Through the Decolonization of Ourselves #decolonizelatinx

Lesbian Love Storytellers #baad!ass #freenycevents

  LES HISTOIRES D'LESBIAN AMOUR / THE STORIES OF LESBIAN LOVE returns to the BAAD!ASS Women's Festival. Join us for an evening celebrating and preserving lesbian stories. In honor of the lesbian women of color writers and artists who have come before us and those creating beautiful work today. A night where we Intersect activism,… Continue reading Lesbian Love Storytellers #baad!ass #freenycevents

Searching for Latina, Latinx, Latin@ Narratives! #dearagent

Commit To Your Writing! This year the New York City Latina Writers Group will be celebrating TEN years as an organization and writing community. There is so much I want to say about that, and I will at a later date. I want to formally announce that WENDY ANGULO has been named the NYC Latina… Continue reading Searching for Latina, Latinx, Latin@ Narratives! #dearagent


If you're looking for something fun, inspiring and FREE to do join us for an amazing LGBTQ film series. Come with your lover, come with your friends... the point is we want you to come. (Insert pun) You are cordially invited to this year's: GET TOUGH, GET BAAD! FEBRUARY 4-14 | GET TOUGH, GET BAAD! is an annual… Continue reading GET TOUGH, GET BAAD! FREE FILM SERIES

Writing is a Brave Act!

Good morning! I woke today to my first donation for my Costa Rica Writer’s Retreat. And I feel so very grateful! Buenos dias! Hoy amaneci recibí mi primera donación. Me siento tan agradecida! When you find your “passion” and live with “purpose” there is no turning back. The moment I picked up the pen to… Continue reading Writing is a Brave Act!

Day 28: Writing Challenge ~ #wewrite

 Establishing trust.  Loyalty.  Betrayal.  How are we (our characters) changed once we/they experience betrayal or the trust is broken? Everything I watched on TV today was about trust. It was something that came up this weekend. My daughter and I had a long conversation about trust and honesty. We have always believed that if we… Continue reading Day 28: Writing Challenge ~ #wewrite

Sometimes You Have to Let Go of The Old Dream to Make Room for the New Dream!

   On the eve of our anniversary I'm sitting on the beach in Galveston, Texas... I definitely wanted to be in New York celebrating our many accomplishments with you. But I have been called away and blessed with an opportunity to write in community with five amazing women… Five AfroLatina women writers from all over… Continue reading Sometimes You Have to Let Go of The Old Dream to Make Room for the New Dream!