Taking What You Need ~ Ep. 315

What is that you need? What do you need today to feel strong, to feel better, to feel at peace, to feel ready, or provided for? We often make assumptions about what we think people need rather than just asking them what they need. I invite more of us to begin asking for what we… Continue reading Taking What You Need ~ Ep. 315

The Thing About Loss and Grief! ~ Ep. 321

People want to find the write words and try to comfort us in our time of loss... but sometimes there are just NO WORDS and that's ok! https://youtu.be/5mKzBXmcTNE Visit my author website and join mailing list: http://www.aliciaanabelsantos.com/ TO BOOK A READING EMAIL: lasantera.nyc@gmail.com ABOUT MY READINGS:  Once payment is made, you can submit your questions.… Continue reading The Thing About Loss and Grief! ~ Ep. 321

Everybody’s Winning ~ Ep. 345

Some of us are worried that everyone is winning except us. Why are we comparing ourselves to others? Why are some of us obsessed with talking about what others are achieving and going after? Why are we holding ourselves to standards that are not realistic for us? "EVERYBODY IS WINNING!" we say. EVERYBODY IS DOING, I… Continue reading Everybody’s Winning ~ Ep. 345

When Your Mind is a Mess ~ Ep. 347

Do you feel like you're a mess these days? Do the people you love the most constantly remind you of the ways you start something and can't finish it? Telling you, "you have so many amazing ideas but can't seem to finish one?" I have been feeling quite messy... so today I decided I would… Continue reading When Your Mind is a Mess ~ Ep. 347

The Body Remembers ~ Ep. 349

Music has a way of bringing us back to place, a memory, an emotion. Today I reflect on what the body remembers and how to use that muscle and emotional memory in the work we are creating. Sometimes I feel like I can access the darkness easier than I can the joyful memories. https://youtu.be/hdp3iDOaRe8 Wishing… Continue reading The Body Remembers ~ Ep. 349

Keeping the Integrity of the Story ~ Ep. 350

What is the truth about this story? What is the truth about this character? Are we writing from a place of integrity? Today I reflect on writing from a genuine and sincere place. https://youtu.be/TLFpbriTNBs Wishing you peace, love and prosperity!  Anabel **Subscribe and follow my blog to receive daily posts directly to your email** For… Continue reading Keeping the Integrity of the Story ~ Ep. 350

When You’re Just Not Feelin’ It! ~ Ep. 353

When you just don't give a fck! Some days be like that. Some days everything seems to be going wrong. Some days are filled with crazy stress, we miss our train, we slip and fall, our lunch falls out of our bag and splatters everywhere... and we feel like saying FCK it... maybe today I… Continue reading When You’re Just Not Feelin’ It! ~ Ep. 353

Taking Care of Me First ~ Ep. 471 dedicated to @shhushyourlips

It is not easy to begin again. It is not easy when we don't feel supported. We are being called to slow it down and take care of ourselves first. What do you need? https://youtu.be/TmoeDS4aYQ4 Writing meditation/prompts: What I need is... What's weighing me down is... What's causing me pain in this moment is... What's… Continue reading Taking Care of Me First ~ Ep. 471 dedicated to @shhushyourlips