Café y Conversación ~ Panel Discussion

The Dominican Writers Association presents: Join us for an evening of opened dialogue to discuss how to get your writing to the next level. Hear from speakers who run workshops, learn about writing residencies, self-publishing vs. publishing with a big press and meet & greet with other Dominican Writers! Friday, September 30, 2016 @ 7:00pm Word… Continue reading Café y Conversación ~ Panel Discussion

Writing in Costa Rica

People are so kind! People are so generous! After returning from the most amazing writers retreat in Galveston,Texas I received an email from my old professor that there was space for me at her writers retreat in Costa Rica! I couldn't believe what I was reading.  I met my mentor at New York University in… Continue reading Writing in Costa Rica

Giving back! An AfroLatina Retreat!

It is not every day we hear about people who give back!  An incredible woman by the name of Icess Fernandez was the recipient of the Owl Award where she has chosen to fund a weekend writing retreat for 4 to 5 AfroLatina writers from different disciplines ‐‐ fiction, poetry, non‐fiction ‐‐ to explore the… Continue reading Giving back! An AfroLatina Retreat!