LEXI EIKELBOOM: Writer, Artist, Teacher, Student

Lexi Eikelboom is a theologian undertaking doctoral research at the University of Oxford on the topic of rhythm in recent continental philosophy and theology. When not teaching and writing, Lexi embraces both prose and paint as her medium of choice, describing it as "a way of depicting the abstract ideas that I use in my research to… Continue reading LEXI EIKELBOOM: Writer, Artist, Teacher, Student


IN OUR VOICE is honored to feature Castillo as October's artist of the month! Author Bio: Yoseli Castillo Fuertes was born in the Dominican Republic in 1972 and at 16 migrated to the United States. She is a bilingual-dominican-latina-lesbian poet-activist-teacher-aunt. Since August 2005 she has been organizing the Gay & Lesbian Bohemian Night, an LGBTQ… Continue reading YOSELI CASTILLO FUERTES, Poet