Café y Conversación ~ Panel Discussion

The Dominican Writers Association presents: Join us for an evening of opened dialogue to discuss how to get your writing to the next level. Hear from speakers who run workshops, learn about writing residencies, self-publishing vs. publishing with a big press and meet & greet with other Dominican Writers! Friday, September 30, 2016 @ 7:00pm Word… Continue reading Café y Conversación ~ Panel Discussion

Solidarity Through the Decolonization of Ourselves #decolonizelatinx

I am honored to be facilitating a workshop at the New England Latinx Student Leadership Conference:    Reconciling Identities: Sexuality, Spirituality and the Policing of Blackness! Can you be light-skinned Latinx, practitioner of Regla de Ocha and a lesbian? How does one deconstruct racism and self-hate?  Decolonizing conditioned ideas requires the deconstructing of thoughts: Who… Continue reading Solidarity Through the Decolonization of Ourselves #decolonizelatinx

Day 107: Writing/Riding Tsunamis #dearagent #wewrite

Dear Agent, It is rare when I remember a dream. And this dream in particular is one I can’t get out of my mind. Its nighttime. Pitch black! I am at a house on the beach. I see things laid on the sand. Not sure if it's dead animals washed up. The water seems so… Continue reading Day 107: Writing/Riding Tsunamis #dearagent #wewrite

Afrolatinos @ UPENN ~ Tonight!

Today is a momentous occasion. We are honored and thrilled to be screening Afrolatinos at the University of Pennsylvania in the first of many college screenings.  We have worked so hard on this film and are ready for the world to finally learn about an important part of our history!  #voicesofthesilent #afrolatinoscollegetour @afrolatinostv @diosadominicana    … Continue reading Afrolatinos @ UPENN ~ Tonight!

“Who are you to tell the story of black people? 

WHO AM I TO TELL THE STORY OF BLACK PEOPLE?   "Who are you to tell the story of black people? It's not your place! You're not even black!" She said.  Like I have NO right. Like it's not my place. Like I am one of the white faces that come to our lands to take… Continue reading “Who are you to tell the story of black people? 

Nepal Trip ~ Day 60: When all hope is lost or stolen!

   I was in the middle of the Nepal writing challenge where I gave myself the task... a spiritual task of writing every day and creating a practice for myself around being in the beautiful mountains of Nepal. I chose Nepal with great intention because Nepal to me symbolizes spirit, clarity, faith, religion, hope, perseverance… Continue reading Nepal Trip ~ Day 60: When all hope is lost or stolen!

NYC Latina Writers Group & Writing from the Womb Returns!

Beloved writers, Over the years I have dedicated myself to taking care of others. Working with writers has been one of the most incredible honors I have held. Then I would spend many years working on a film that took me away from my daughter and my home, to finally return to work as an… Continue reading NYC Latina Writers Group & Writing from the Womb Returns!

The RIGHT to be angry!

  Last night my daughter and I had the most amazing and intense conversation. She is the only person in the world I can really have that kind of painfully deep conversation with. She knew me when...  When everything angered me. When everything was about racism, sexism, exploitation and privilege. When I say everything... I… Continue reading The RIGHT to be angry!

FREE EVENT! “Deepening our Womanhood: Identity and Diversity”

CALLNG ALL HEALERS! ARTISTS! ACTIVISTS! ORGANIZERS! WITCHES! Join us for what will be an incredibly powerful event happening tomorrow, Saturday, August 29th at Hostos Community College located at 450 Grand Concourse Avenue at 149th Street at 10:00AM! 300 womyn expected! 30+ volunteers! Food donations! Music! Dance! Workshops and Panels! For Immediate Release August 26th 2015 Génesis… Continue reading FREE EVENT! “Deepening our Womanhood: Identity and Diversity”