Afrolatinos Screening at the HBO Latino Film Festival!

For nine years Renzo Devia, @afrolatinotv, and I have waited for this moment--Afrolatinos La Historia Que Nunca Nos Contaron will screen at the HBO Latino Film Festival. We are finally getting this story closer to where it has always been destined to be. Our vision and intention for Afrolatinos has been and is to ensure… Continue reading Afrolatinos Screening at the HBO Latino Film Festival!

Café y Conversación ~ Panel Discussion

The Dominican Writers Association presents: Join us for an evening of opened dialogue to discuss how to get your writing to the next level. Hear from speakers who run workshops, learn about writing residencies, self-publishing vs. publishing with a big press and meet & greet with other Dominican Writers! Friday, September 30, 2016 @ 7:00pm Word… Continue reading Café y Conversación ~ Panel Discussion

Day 52: Souls of Characters ~ #wewrite

My favorite stories are about characters who have gone through REAL things. Real people. Real issues. What will your characters go through? What do these scars look like? Writing Prompts: (1) The scars that remain... (60) minutes. Writer or character can respond. (Ask of your character every question you would ask about their motivation and… Continue reading Day 52: Souls of Characters ~ #wewrite

Day 50: Developing Characters ~ #wewrite

I am obsessed with character development. My favorite books have characters I am cheering for, Clara in House of Spirits, Santiago in The Alchemist. My goal is to create a world with amazing characters that we love learning about and journeying with. I am writing a world with characters that mean the world to me. My characters… Continue reading Day 50: Developing Characters ~ #wewrite

Day 37: Writing Challenge ~ #wewrite

 Writing is fucking hard.  There are so many things we want to write about. There are so many subjects that come up. Then there's the internal conflict that rises for us as writers. There are things that make us question the direction we're headed in. But we must continue to write.   And so tonight my… Continue reading Day 37: Writing Challenge ~ #wewrite

Day 36: Writing Challenge ~ #wewrite

  Making time to write! I'm hauling ass to get to work right now. Actually, I'm on a bus that if it went up against a turtle in a race, the turtle would win.   When you need to be somewhere fast, delays are guaranteed. You may have the best of intentions. You leave early. You believe… Continue reading Day 36: Writing Challenge ~ #wewrite

Day 35: Writing Challenge ~ #wewrite

  How are we growing as writers?  Writers workshops are nothing without mastering the skill of the "ReWrite" and knowing that we must constantly edit the work we have created.    For the past couple of weeks the writers in my Writing from the Womb Workshop have really been looking at the importance of making revising a constant… Continue reading Day 35: Writing Challenge ~ #wewrite

Day 32: Writing Challenge ~ #wewrite

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder..."   There are so many ways to paint a picture. We each have our own perspective and points of view. Sometimes what we believe is ugly is something wonderful in disguise. It could be a new revelation. A new way of seeing something. A lesson to learned.… Continue reading Day 32: Writing Challenge ~ #wewrite

Day 31: Writing Challenge ~ #wewrite

Today I'm meditating on righting wrongs.  Check your heartbeat.  Check your breathing. Check posture. What is the thought entering your mind right in this exact moment? My thoughts are on: Violence.  Sexual violence.  Women.  Rape.  They say, "Write the story you want to read!" or "Write what you know!"  I say "right" the story you… Continue reading Day 31: Writing Challenge ~ #wewrite

Day 30: Writing Challenge ~ #wewrite

Sacrifice  Martyr   Saint Savior There are things we give up in order to be what others need us to be. We have heard of those folks who sacrifice everything for those they love. Sacrificial lambs. They give up everything for the greater good.  Today I'm thinking about our greatest sacrifices. The things we withhold from… Continue reading Day 30: Writing Challenge ~ #wewrite