Day 25: Writing Challenge ~ #wewrite

Understanding rage! Today I woke up embracing rage. The kind of rage that has manifested in the ugliest versions of myself. I'm meditating on the kind of rage that has kept me silent, yet I was tick, tick, ticking and exploding on the inside. The kind of rage that made me react rather than fully… Continue reading Day 25: Writing Challenge ~ #wewrite

#DearAgent ~ FREE livestream reading

Day 4 For too Long women writers have gone unnoticed. Writers who are women of color have not received the recognition and accolades we deserve. There are incredible writers and stories that have yet to be published. We are inviting literary agents, publishers, and magazine editors to join our international reading. We are inviting writers… Continue reading #DearAgent ~ FREE livestream reading

Dear Agent ~ Day 1

#DearAgent, You will receive hundreds, maybe even thousands of solicited and unsolicited requests in the history of your career. You will receive mountains of manuscripts and screenplays that perhaps you may never read. I could go the traditional route of sending you all countless letters that I may or may not get a response to.… Continue reading Dear Agent ~ Day 1

FREE EVENT! “Deepening our Womanhood: Identity and Diversity”

CALLNG ALL HEALERS! ARTISTS! ACTIVISTS! ORGANIZERS! WITCHES! Join us for what will be an incredibly powerful event happening tomorrow, Saturday, August 29th at Hostos Community College located at 450 Grand Concourse Avenue at 149th Street at 10:00AM! 300 womyn expected! 30+ volunteers! Food donations! Music! Dance! Workshops and Panels! For Immediate Release August 26th 2015 Génesis… Continue reading FREE EVENT! “Deepening our Womanhood: Identity and Diversity”

FILM SCREENING TONIGHT in NYC! Afrolatinos An Untaught History

   I honor that today is the very first screening of AFROLATINOS: LA HISTORIA QUE NUNCA NOS CONTARON, Afrolatinos: An Untaught History!  Tonight is the very first time we share it publicly.     Today I honor how Renzo Devia and I met and dedicated over seven years to this project. We have been committed to… Continue reading FILM SCREENING TONIGHT in NYC! Afrolatinos An Untaught History

Nepal Trip ~ Day 17: Surviving the Storm and Reflection

The weather the past few days has been treacherous. We have had dangerous winds and frigid temperatures and my lips have been bleeding. But these ice storms are not the worst of it. Avalanches and steep falls are very real possibilities. Yet nothing will stop us. We are too close. Talika keeps us informed every… Continue reading Nepal Trip ~ Day 17: Surviving the Storm and Reflection

BAADASS Women Festival Opening Night – FREE Tonight!

Les histoires de l'amour lesbien / The Stories of Lesbian Love: These are fierce womyn storytellers and artists honoring the lesbians who have come before us, who walk with us and womyn who will leave their stories for the rest of us! Tonight, Thursday, March 12th, 7:00pm to 9:00pm BAAD! 2474 Westchester Avenue, Bronx, NY… Continue reading BAADASS Women Festival Opening Night – FREE Tonight!

When hate meets compassion. A troll story.

When being a writer is met with hate ... it takes alot of energy to spew hate. "After all, it’s not illegal to reach elbow-deep into someone’s memories and touch them and twist them and weaponise them ... He said that, at the time, he felt fat, unloved, “passionless” and purposeless. For some reason, he… Continue reading When hate meets compassion. A troll story.

Haitian Man Lynched Amid Dominican Republic ‬‪#‎NoMasRacismoRD‬

I am completely devastated at the news that a man was murdered in the Dominican Republic of Haitian descent. There are many things I am furious about… the first is that this “could be” a hate crime based on race, which is absolutely appalling. However, another huge problem in the Dominican Republic is POVERTY… there… Continue reading Haitian Man Lynched Amid Dominican Republic ‬‪#‎NoMasRacismoRD‬