Dominicans, why are we celebrating?

For as proud as I am to be DOMINICAN and I AM proud. Let us remember that this Dia de Independencia that we celebrate is a day of independence from Haiti, not Spain. Why are we even celebrating? We don't celebrate our freedom from our colonizer, yet we celebrate our freedom from other exploited peoples???… Continue reading Dominicans, why are we celebrating?

Afrolatino Encuentro at City College

For the students of City College, Filmmakers and story tellers and the Dominican Student Association in celebration of Black History Month and Latino Heritage,  a message from the Producers of Afrolatinos: The Untaught Story. Visit our website at: Watch "Afrolatinos at City College" on YouTube

Starting from zero! #nanowrimo

Good morning my beloved writers! As OYA is blowing fierce winds, the rain is cold, the day seems dark... Beyond our perception is where beauty resides. There is a story to be written. A history to be preserved. A legacy to be passed down. Something aching to be told. We can no longer run from… Continue reading Starting from zero! #nanowrimo

Join me tonight for FREE Writing Workshop LIVE @ 8pm EST

Welcome Writers to the Getting Beneath the Surface FREE workshop! I am honored that you have chosen to participate on tonights call. I decided to offer this session because it is my belief that as writers we all could use some support. The Getting Beneath the Surface Workshop being offered tonight is just a small… Continue reading Join me tonight for FREE Writing Workshop LIVE @ 8pm EST

Getting Beneath the Surface ~ Last round of workshops

For two years I have been working with writers on getting their story onto the page, becoming vulnerable, writing with intention and writing from the womb. We have covered the rituals of writing, and I have had the privilege of providing a space where men can explore their own stories without fear of judgment. Today… Continue reading Getting Beneath the Surface ~ Last round of workshops

Canvas of Words ~ where poetry meets art!!! #LHM #latinohistory #latinoheritagemonth #canvasofwords

Curated by the talented Wendy Angulo. I have watched her organize and plan this event for many months. She went from idea to execution! The epitome of dedication, commitment, and all that it takes to GET IT DONE! This festival will transform you. Come out not only to support... Come out because one woman had… Continue reading Canvas of Words ~ where poetry meets art!!! #LHM #latinohistory #latinoheritagemonth #canvasofwords

(Re) Shaping Representation: Afrolatinas Creating Positive Media

(Re) Shaping Representation: Afrolatinas Creating Positive Media Join us for a conversation on the ways Afrolatinas are using all forms of media to raise consciousness, awareness and visibility for a community of people who have been invisibilized. When: Friday, October 4, 2013 Where: Bryn Mawr College, Bryn Mawr, PA location: Thomas 224 Time: 2:00PM Blog:… Continue reading (Re) Shaping Representation: Afrolatinas Creating Positive Media