Day 5 ~ WFW Morning Session

Good morning writers!!! We have completed five days of writing together. You should be proud of yourselves. You are honoring your commitment! I really would love to know how your feeling this morning. What is rising for you? What have you discovered in the pages? Personally, this week has kicked my butt! You keep showing… Continue reading Day 5 ~ WFW Morning Session

Day 4 ~ WFW Morning Session

Good morning beloved writers! I know that you are exhausted... This is hard work! As I sit here on this call supporting you in getting words on the page I am thinking about all the ways we often think "we aren't writing enough", "that our writing sucks" or "that we are a fraud!" When self… Continue reading Day 4 ~ WFW Morning Session

Day 1 ~ WFW Morning Session

Set timer for 5 minutes (pick any character - primary or secondary) Prompt: What does this character have to say? (write from a stream of consciousness. Don't take the pen off the page, or fingers off keys? Keep writing until the timer goes off. Our characters are on a quest. They each want to achieve… Continue reading Day 1 ~ WFW Morning Session

What makes life worthwhile?

"I'm always trying to write about the most important things that people do. The places in their lives where they feel the greatest stress, the places where they feel the greatest passion and how they deal with those things and how they survive them and make their lives go on. Being in love with somebody… Continue reading What makes life worthwhile?

Literature is a Gift from the Writer

"I don't like thinking that what I write comes from or is synonymous to a dream. I've heard writers speaking about novels as being extended dreams. I don't like that because dreams, to me, mean selfish gestures. I like the other notion that literature is a GIFT from the WRITER to the reader." ~ Richard… Continue reading Literature is a Gift from the Writer

You have to give everything away every single time!

Writers, we fear so many things. That we won't have what it takes. That we will run out of words. Perhaps that great idea should go in another book. "Often the writing process is filled with a sense of jeopardy because, in essence, with every book I turn myself inside out. One of the things… Continue reading You have to give everything away every single time!

There’s not a single second of my life when I’m not thinking story…

"So I don't keep a notebook of good lines, good thoughts or dreams. I have too many stories in my head rather than too few. Until very recently I had to grab whatever time I could because I worked at one full-time job, three part-time jobs and so on. When I was ready to sit… Continue reading There’s not a single second of my life when I’m not thinking story…

Café y Conversación ~ Panel Discussion

The Dominican Writers Association presents: Join us for an evening of opened dialogue to discuss how to get your writing to the next level. Hear from speakers who run workshops, learn about writing residencies, self-publishing vs. publishing with a big press and meet & greet with other Dominican Writers! Friday, September 30, 2016 @ 7:00pm Word… Continue reading Café y Conversación ~ Panel Discussion