Day 38: Writing Challenge ~ #wewrite

   Rape!!! Rape is the only thing I could think about today. It's a subject I have never wanted to write about.  Sometimes there are things that are too horrible to relive. There are things we are afraid to write. There are things we choose not to get close to. Things we don't want to… Continue reading Day 38: Writing Challenge ~ #wewrite

Writing from the Womb Workshop! #WFW

Welcome home!    I am thrilled to announce that both the NYC Latina Writers Group and the Writing from the Womb Writers Workshop (WFW) return this fall! After last year’s WFW I took a much needed break. I needed to refill and give myself some of what I give to so many. Something I often… Continue reading Writing from the Womb Workshop! #WFW

NYC Latina Writers Group & Writing from the Womb Returns!

Beloved writers, Over the years I have dedicated myself to taking care of others. Working with writers has been one of the most incredible honors I have held. Then I would spend many years working on a film that took me away from my daughter and my home, to finally return to work as an… Continue reading NYC Latina Writers Group & Writing from the Womb Returns!

The RIGHT to be angry!

  Last night my daughter and I had the most amazing and intense conversation. She is the only person in the world I can really have that kind of painfully deep conversation with. She knew me when...  When everything angered me. When everything was about racism, sexism, exploitation and privilege. When I say everything... I… Continue reading The RIGHT to be angry!

FREE EVENT! “Deepening our Womanhood: Identity and Diversity”

CALLNG ALL HEALERS! ARTISTS! ACTIVISTS! ORGANIZERS! WITCHES! Join us for what will be an incredibly powerful event happening tomorrow, Saturday, August 29th at Hostos Community College located at 450 Grand Concourse Avenue at 149th Street at 10:00AM! 300 womyn expected! 30+ volunteers! Food donations! Music! Dance! Workshops and Panels! For Immediate Release August 26th 2015 Génesis… Continue reading FREE EVENT! “Deepening our Womanhood: Identity and Diversity”

Nepal Trip ~ Day 34: Time to Unpack!

I'm getting rid of excess. I'm getting rid of what I no longer need. I'm making room for what I want. Today I am unpacking. I am unpacking the excess weight of everything I have brought on this journey. There is so much I've brought with me that no longer serves me. Did I really… Continue reading Nepal Trip ~ Day 34: Time to Unpack!

Nepal Trip ~ Day 31 The Paycheck-to-Paycheck Club!

I was reminded today that my resolution, intention and mantra for 2015 was that I would finally let go of poverty! Finally letting go of poverty… How do we define poverty? For most of us we have come to understand it as a circumstance that only a certain demographic lives under. Living in poverty means… Continue reading Nepal Trip ~ Day 31 The Paycheck-to-Paycheck Club!

Nepal Trip ~ Day 28: When Anger is OK!

When you use spirituality to suppress what you you're feeling, experiencing stillness and hiding behind yoga and prayer not to feel it, not to see it, not to relive it again like I do there are moments where you decide to STOP that shit... and allow ourselves to feel what we are feeling. I have… Continue reading Nepal Trip ~ Day 28: When Anger is OK!

Nepal Trip ~ Day 27: Fight or flight?

Taking a leap a faith… Not having a plan… Staying calm no matter what is going on around me… The symbolism of my injuring my hand… These are the things heavily on my mind as I continue this journey. I had quite the scare on the mountain when I slipped today. I turned my neck… Continue reading Nepal Trip ~ Day 27: Fight or flight?