Language of Love ~ Ep. 270

"Watch your language!" I used to hear this so much when I was younger. I was definitely angry in my teenage years. There was a time my mouth got me in so much trouble. These days I have a language of love. How we speak to people matters. How we connect with the world around… Continue reading Language of Love ~ Ep. 270

Ladrona! The Stories We Steal | Message for Aspiring Writers

NYCLWG 13th Anniversary "Ladrona! The Stories We Steal!" Join us for a special reading from members of the NYCLWG, a panel discussion “When is a story not yours to steal?” and to honor, celebrate and connect with the members of these amazing writers collective. Time & Location Nov 15, 6:00 PM – 09:00 PM Alianza… Continue reading Ladrona! The Stories We Steal | Message for Aspiring Writers

The Secrets We Keep ~ Ep. 314

When sh*t is going to rise we will run... we will do whatever necessary to keep our secrets hidden... to keep ourselves from really feeling what must be felt. There is power in shedding our secrets... our secrets are not our story! We are the ones who get to write our narrative. Today let's tell… Continue reading The Secrets We Keep ~ Ep. 314

Taking What You Need ~ Ep. 315

What is that you need? What do you need today to feel strong, to feel better, to feel at peace, to feel ready, or provided for? We often make assumptions about what we think people need rather than just asking them what they need. I invite more of us to begin asking for what we… Continue reading Taking What You Need ~ Ep. 315