The Face of Addiction~

Today I came face to face with addiction in a way I could no longer ignore. I could not just mute out the beggar on the train. I could no longer walk by the homeless woman on the church steps. I could no longer walk by the woman sitting on the ground with a sign… Continue reading The Face of Addiction~

Brave Enough to Walk Alone!

There are reminders everywhere... Be fearless Be brave Be different Be original Be confident Be daring Be atrevida Be consistent Be authentic Be a risk taker Becoming ok with walking alone... an art! Day 5 I am grateful for musicals, so many have played a big part in forming me. #soundofmusic #westsidestory #chittychittybangbang #myfairlady #petesdragon… Continue reading Brave Enough to Walk Alone!

On Life and Miracles… #20daysofgratitude

There are things that happen to us that are unexplainable, coincidental, and accidental. I believe they are all happening to me because the miracles are unfolding. May the miracles flow! Day 4 I am grateful for creativity, collaborating and writing the world I want to live in. I am grateful for my breath and the… Continue reading On Life and Miracles… #20daysofgratitude

God, Force, Source, Universe #20daysofgratitude

Never let them take your peace. Never lose your faith. Whatever you believe in... never let someone take it from you. Day 3 I am grateful for good news and laughter. The world is in so much pain so it's nice to just laugh sometimes and hear news that someone is doing incredible things. I… Continue reading God, Force, Source, Universe #20daysofgratitude

Can You Hear That? #20daysofgratitude

Whispers in the winds... something is trying to find you... something is making its way to you... Can you hear that? Day 2 I am grateful for texts from my sister's at exactly the moments I need them most. I am grateful for vulnerability and tears through both acts I am cleansed and healed and… Continue reading Can You Hear That? #20daysofgratitude