Manifesting Dreams ~ Ep. 232

How are you manifesting the dreams you say you want? How are you co-creating with the universe to move towards achieving the dream? Are you putting in the work? Manifestation requires that we take very specific steps… it requires hard work. Dreams do come true, pero tenemos que poner de nuestra parte.

The Good Life ~ Ep. 248

You were born to have a good life. You were born to be abundant. You are worthy. Today I have talked about how I have allowed myself to be mediocre. We are being called to release poverty and shift how we think about money. We all deserve a good life! #wocpodcasttoo #manifestation #magic #abundance #selfworth… Continue reading The Good Life ~ Ep. 248

There is Power in the Words We Choose to Speak to Ourselves and Others. ~ Ep. 476

You Have Always Possessed the Power You Seek ~ Ep. 476 (part 2) Today I bring you into my very private practice of prayer and self-love. The power that you're seeking you already hold. There is great power in the words that we speak to ourselves and in the ways we love and hate our… Continue reading There is Power in the Words We Choose to Speak to Ourselves and Others. ~ Ep. 476

God, Force, Source, Universe #20daysofgratitude

Never let them take your peace. Never lose your faith. Whatever you believe in... never let someone take it from you. Day 3 I am grateful for good news and laughter. The world is in so much pain so it's nice to just laugh sometimes and hear news that someone is doing incredible things. I… Continue reading God, Force, Source, Universe #20daysofgratitude