FYF ~ Chapter 11 #audiobook #FYFLOVE

There is nothing sadder than a person building his or her power by attempting to take someone else's. People will try to break you down. People will try to dim your shine. People will tell you you can't! The only response, WATCH ME! Chapter 11 is available FREE. #audiobook #audiobooks #podcasts #fyflove #findingyourforce #writingmidwife #writersofinstagram… Continue reading FYF ~ Chapter 11 #audiobook #FYFLOVE

Teaching teachers and the POWERS they possess!

When the dream catches up to the dreamer! For the past few weeks I have not written anything… I have written absolutely nothing. Actually, I have written here and there but have only posted and shared sporadically. The truth is that I have been experiencing some major developments in my life and living my potential.… Continue reading Teaching teachers and the POWERS they possess!