Lesbian Love Storytellers #baad!ass #freenycevents

  LES HISTOIRES D'LESBIAN AMOUR / THE STORIES OF LESBIAN LOVE returns to the BAAD!ASS Women's Festival. Join us for an evening celebrating and preserving lesbian stories. In honor of the lesbian women of color writers and artists who have come before us and those creating beautiful work today. A night where we Intersect activism,… Continue reading Lesbian Love Storytellers #baad!ass #freenycevents

Afrolatinas: Race, Gender, Militarization in the Americas

Join us for a very important conversation on the economic, political, environmental, cultural and social issues that effect AfroColombian women and women of color throughout all of the Americas. Thursday, March 27th at 6:30pm Da Urban Butterflies 563 West 183rd Street, NY, NY See you then!