Patience is a Virtue!

How can we be more patient with ourselves? How can we be more patient with those around us--those who do not get what it is we are doing--those who are not feeling the NEW us? Today’s episode is about patience… we want things when we want them. We want that instant gratification! When you want… Continue reading Patience is a Virtue!

5 Reasons Women Can’t Be Friends

5 Reasons Why Women Can’t Be Friends ~ Ep. 50 In this episode I talk about why some women can’t be friends.   Watch youtube video: SUBSCRIBE SUBSCRIBE SUBSCRIBE! Please leave your comments -- LIKE my pages and leave your reviews on Itunes and Soundcloud. Love, Ali   Podcast available FREE on ITUNES:… Continue reading 5 Reasons Women Can’t Be Friends

The Afrolatina Show – Ep. 04 #afrolatinashow

This week on The Afrolatina Show (Ep. 04) we talk about the many ways we are told that we do not belong. y mami me dijo que yo soy su niña bella con el Pelo Bueno. That I have that “GOOD hair!” Which must mean I don’t get discriminated against… And that I really pass… Continue reading The Afrolatina Show – Ep. 04 #afrolatinashow

FYF ~ Chapters 7 & 8 #audiobooks #memoir #podcast #life #love #loss

They say every ending is a new beginning. Every loss. Every death. Every relationship. Every Experience. New chapters of Finding Your Force A Journey to Love are available on SoundCloud. (Subscribe to my blog and channel.) Chapter 7 (Pt. 1) Chapter 7 (Pt. 2) Chapter 7 (Pt. 3) Chapter 7 (Pt. 4) Chapter 8 With… Continue reading FYF ~ Chapters 7 & 8 #audiobooks #memoir #podcast #life #love #loss

Lesbian Love Storytellers #baad!ass #freenycevents

  LES HISTOIRES D'LESBIAN AMOUR / THE STORIES OF LESBIAN LOVE returns to the BAAD!ASS Women's Festival. Join us for an evening celebrating and preserving lesbian stories. In honor of the lesbian women of color writers and artists who have come before us and those creating beautiful work today. A night where we Intersect activism,… Continue reading Lesbian Love Storytellers #baad!ass #freenycevents