Day 67: Watch My Transitions! #wewrite

#7 Writing Mantra: Watch my transitions... This story is a journey... each scene should move us from place to place in a cohesive way. The story can jump around, however the transitions must be clear and on point. Writing Prompts: (1) The scene I am working on is moving towards… what is this next place?… Continue reading Day 67: Watch My Transitions! #wewrite

Day 63: I AM A WRITER! Remember this…

#3 Writing Mantra: I AM A PROLIFIC WRITER… remember this! There is no one in the room with me when I write. There are no cheerleaders cheering me on. There is no one over my shoulder asking, "Have you written today? How many words did you type? How many scenes did you work on?" Only… Continue reading Day 63: I AM A WRITER! Remember this…

Day 62: Write the Full Experience!

#2 Writing Mantra: Take it scene by scene, piece by piece, write the full experience! What does the entire experience look like? What is happening in our character's worlds? What are the questions that come up? What is the FULL experience? These are some of the questions that came up for me in Costa Rica,… Continue reading Day 62: Write the Full Experience!

Day 60: Painting Of The Voice! #wewrite

I am sitting at the airport about to depart to Costa Rica for a writers retreat and VOICE is what's on my mind! Writing is the painting of the voice! Our blank pages are our canvas, our pen is our brush, our colors are the characters, setting, plot, and themes we create. As I spend… Continue reading Day 60: Painting Of The Voice! #wewrite

Day 59: Writing From Our Soul! #wewrite

Sharing from my soul is precisely the reason I picked up the pen. There was a stirring, an aching, a desperation to get everything out of me. Things that plagued me. Things that hurt me. Things that inspired me. What is that thing for you? Writing Prompts: (1) I write because… (60) minutes. Writer or… Continue reading Day 59: Writing From Our Soul! #wewrite

Day 58: What Our Characters Teach Us! #wewrite

  What have we learned from our characters? What is the lesson in the story? I there a moral? What's the point? Will our characters live or die? What have we decided must happen in our stories? What drives our characters? Writing Prompts: (1) The greatest gift… (60) minutes. Writer or character can respond. (Ask… Continue reading Day 58: What Our Characters Teach Us! #wewrite

Day 57: No one said writing is easy! ~ #wewrite

Everyday we must come to the page. Even if its to write nothing. No one said writing was easy. We are called to create the most amazing worlds and make sense of a world that oftentimes makes no sense. Just sit with it... something will come! Writing Prompts: (1) The complex themes I must write… Continue reading Day 57: No one said writing is easy! ~ #wewrite