FYF ~ Chapters 9 & 10

On never giving up, chasing that dream and staying with it no matter what! "I was rubbing your head, touching your hair. While I was watching you, I started crying. I felt so much guilt about what I had done to us with this move to NYC. Was I being selfish? I took you away… Continue reading FYF ~ Chapters 9 & 10

FYF ~ Chapters 7 & 8 #audiobooks #memoir #podcast #life #love #loss

They say every ending is a new beginning. Every loss. Every death. Every relationship. Every Experience. New chapters of Finding Your Force A Journey to Love are available on SoundCloud. (Subscribe to my blog and channel.) Chapter 7 (Pt. 1) Chapter 7 (Pt. 2) Chapter 7 (Pt. 3) Chapter 7 (Pt. 4) Chapter 8 With… Continue reading FYF ~ Chapters 7 & 8 #audiobooks #memoir #podcast #life #love #loss

FYF ~ Chapter 5 #audiobook #memoir

CHAPTER 5 Excerpt: "All the signs were pointing inwards. Everything I heard and read that day had to do with looking at my past. I was getting these messages every single day. Until you look at your past you will not be able to move forward. I was hearing the same messages in everything. Look… Continue reading FYF ~ Chapter 5 #audiobook #memoir

FYF Chapter 4 ~ FREE #audiobook #memoir

TRIGGER WARNING! This chapter was one of the hardest to write. (scene contains themes of sexual assault and violence against women). Finding Your Force A Journey to Love is a memoir written in the form of a love letter from a mother to a daughter. Santos is being called on an excavation to stop running… Continue reading FYF Chapter 4 ~ FREE #audiobook #memoir

Finding Your Force ~ Chapter 3 #audiobook #memoir

I decided that this would be the year I would be the most creative I've ever been. I wanted to share a gift... for you my audiobook FREE. With love, Iyawó Excerpt: "I wanted you to grow up in a home where you felt loved every single day. I wanted you to grow up knowing… Continue reading Finding Your Force ~ Chapter 3 #audiobook #memoir