Day 25 ~ The Healing Sh*t ~ Goddess Training Workshop

So many people are in pain. We are all going through something. What is on my heart? LOSS. PAIN. GENERATIONAL TRAUMA. All the things I inherited at birth. As I continue organizing this beautiful seven week workshop the intention for creating this space is that spirit whispered to me, "we all have SH*T to heal."… Continue reading Day 25 ~ The Healing Sh*t ~ Goddess Training Workshop

Blocking Your Blessings ~ Ep. 109

I haven't posted a blog in over a month. There has been so much that has risen for me. After the loss of my beloved friend I have been a bit down. Then I received word that my brother was diagnosed with cancer so I have been trying to process that. So tonight under this… Continue reading Blocking Your Blessings ~ Ep. 109