Day 15 ~ WFW Morning Session ~ #plotdevelopment

Yesterday we spent time exploring and writing about universal/emotional truths. (Please check your email for link to recording). This week our prompts will be centered on setting, building plot and scene development. As writers, we have a plan for our characters, a place we think they will go, a place we want them to go,… Continue reading Day 15 ~ WFW Morning Session ~ #plotdevelopment

Day 12 ~ WFW Morning Session

Good morning writers, Two words… Plot Treatment! I am incredibly excited to receive all the work you have done these past couple of weeks. *DUE Nov. 4th: Plot treatment to Iyawo by end of day today. Please review syllabus for submission/formatting requirements. Please send/share with me via google docs. Today we are staying with our… Continue reading Day 12 ~ WFW Morning Session

Day 11 ~ WFW Morning Session

Good morning writers, I have received several emails from writers who are struggling to identify what they “should be writing.” Questioning whether or not they are doing it “right.” Feeling lost and scattered and unfocused! This is all part of the process. Its truly unrealistic to believe that every piece of writing we create will… Continue reading Day 11 ~ WFW Morning Session

Day 10 ~ WFW Morning Session

Good morning writers, Great characters make us keep reading. One of my favorite books, The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho, introduces many amazing characters that the main character Santiago will meet on his journey. Fatima, a King, the stones, thieves, the Alchemist, the glass shop keeper and etc. all significant in their own way. Compelling stories… Continue reading Day 10 ~ WFW Morning Session

Day 9 ~ WFW Morning Session #greatfiction

Good morning writers, This morning we are continuing to add to our characters and their storyline. Not every story has a perfectly packaged ending. Not every book is a happily ever after story. In the novel I am working on I write about loss and horrendous experiences. Today we are really honing in what is… Continue reading Day 9 ~ WFW Morning Session #greatfiction

Day 8 ~ WFW Morning Session

Good morning writers, Great stories… the most memorable stories… have characters we deeply care about. Each day this week I will be giving you writing prompts designed to assist you with developing your characters. We as individuals grow through learned experiences, so do our characters. We must put them in many uncomfortable and honest situations… Continue reading Day 8 ~ WFW Morning Session

Day 6 & 7 ~ WFW Morning Sessions

Good morning writers! During yesterday's call we ended our writing session by checking in. Each writer shared how writing together every morning served them. Some shared the challenges with waking up during the first few days, staring at blank pages, uncertain about where to go. Others shared how incredible they felt at the end of… Continue reading Day 6 & 7 ~ WFW Morning Sessions

Day 5 ~ WFW Morning Session

Good morning writers!!! We have completed five days of writing together. You should be proud of yourselves. You are honoring your commitment! I really would love to know how your feeling this morning. What is rising for you? What have you discovered in the pages? Personally, this week has kicked my butt! You keep showing… Continue reading Day 5 ~ WFW Morning Session

Day 4 ~ WFW Morning Session

Good morning beloved writers! I know that you are exhausted... This is hard work! As I sit here on this call supporting you in getting words on the page I am thinking about all the ways we often think "we aren't writing enough", "that our writing sucks" or "that we are a fraud!" When self… Continue reading Day 4 ~ WFW Morning Session