You Don’t Have to Do It Alone!

This episode is dedicated to my sister Jo who I love! I reflect on the importance of community building, knowing who is in your tribe and knowing that you don’t have to get there alone! Have a beautiful day! SUBSCRIBE SUBSCRIBE SUBSCRIBE! Please leave your comments -- LIKE my pages and leave your reviews on… Continue reading You Don’t Have to Do It Alone!

Why I’ve dedicated my life to serving WOC!

Why are spaces for women of color important TO ME? Because for far too long we have been left out of the narratives. In this space you are at the center of the conversation. Because without you there is NO me! Because writing is how we dig for the truth and hopefully save ourselves. Because… Continue reading Why I’ve dedicated my life to serving WOC!

The NYC Latina Writers Group’s Fundraiser Benefit for Mexico y El Caribe!

Peace family! For the past eleven years the NYC Latina Writers Group has been a space of sisterhood, solidarity and community. We have gathered and celebrated countless writer accomplishments such as, one women shows and publishing / self-publishing books. We are writers by day, Ph.D. students by night. We are mothers who still find the… Continue reading The NYC Latina Writers Group’s Fundraiser Benefit for Mexico y El Caribe!

The Afrolatina Show – Ep. 03 #afrolatinashow

COACH WOODEN GEMS: GEM 1: "Why is it that so many non-attainers are quick to criticize, question, and belittle the attainers?" ~ John Wooden "It was 10 years ago, I was just emerging as a writer and published my first story. Someone saw something in me. This person wanted to build with me. She wanted… Continue reading The Afrolatina Show – Ep. 03 #afrolatinashow