Launching #150wordbookreview

What's up book lovers! So today I kick off a new segment of my blog titled: #150wordbookreview. Here I will share my thoughts on the books I am loving or NOT loving and why! Today I kick off my launch by reviewing: HOURGLASS: Time, Memory, Marriage by Dani Shapiro  #150wordbookreview Dani Shapiro’s, “Hourglass Time, Memory,… Continue reading Launching #150wordbookreview

The Blank Page #courage #write

  The blank page! Have you ever sat in front of the blank page scared to begin? Uncertain about what to say or where you are going? There are days a trigger sets me off, takes me back and with urgent fury the words come out in desperation-quick-fast. And then there are days where I… Continue reading The Blank Page #courage #write