Manifesting Dreams ~ Ep. 232

How are you manifesting the dreams you say you want? How are you co-creating with the universe to move towards achieving the dream? Are you putting in the work? Manifestation requires that we take very specific steps… it requires hard work. Dreams do come true, pero tenemos que poner de nuestra parte.

Tend to the Work! Stay With It!

Tend to the Work and Stay With It! Ep. 48 ~ Afrolatina Show Today is the day I decide to go for some of the things I really want to achieve. In this episode I talk about all I am doing to adjust my life to meet my needs. I am focused today on this… Continue reading Tend to the Work! Stay With It!

Forgetting the Dream ~

Writing Towards Manifestation Day 2 ~ Forgetting the Dream! Part 2: The Tale of the Far Off Land… There is something calling saying LET ME OUT! How have I gotten comfortable? How have I regressed? How have I blocked myself? I am waking up from a deep sleep. After many months of staying comfortable, of… Continue reading Forgetting the Dream ~

Falling Asleep on the Dream ~ Writing Towards Manifestation ~ Day 1

Writing Towards Manifestation ~ Falling Asleep on the Dream! Part 1: The Tale of the Far Off Land… I have been asleep for most 2014. I am meditating on this truth this morning. Yesterday I realized something important for my life: when I am moving there is much I accomplish. When I am searching I… Continue reading Falling Asleep on the Dream ~ Writing Towards Manifestation ~ Day 1

Writing Towards Manifestation!

Something powerful happened to me this morning. I was moving around the house getting ready for work when I started to really think about what I haven't been doing. I was thinking about how much time has been wasted. Specifically, how much time I have spent feeling sad! Today I finally shifted my thoughts a… Continue reading Writing Towards Manifestation!