FYF ~ Chapters 22: It’s Right There! #FYFLove #audiobook #dreams

I was like the song… Closer to My Dreams   The day I married myself: Together we will only attract gentle life lessons, gentle people and gentle experiences that add to our life not drain us. Together we will continue to work at setting boundaries for the person you are today. We are truly one… Continue reading FYF ~ Chapters 22: It’s Right There! #FYFLove #audiobook #dreams

FYF ~ Chapters 9 & 10

On never giving up, chasing that dream and staying with it no matter what! "I was rubbing your head, touching your hair. While I was watching you, I started crying. I felt so much guilt about what I had done to us with this move to NYC. Was I being selfish? I took you away… Continue reading FYF ~ Chapters 9 & 10

Teaching teachers and the POWERS they possess!

When the dream catches up to the dreamer! For the past few weeks I have not written anything… I have written absolutely nothing. Actually, I have written here and there but have only posted and shared sporadically. The truth is that I have been experiencing some major developments in my life and living my potential.… Continue reading Teaching teachers and the POWERS they possess!