When the words in a dream are loud

"So much of what we do in those hours when we're actually making sentences, inventing characters and feeling our way through the threads of a plot, is hunch and feel-half unconscious and somewhat autohypnotic. Those rituals of getting ready to write seem to conduce a kind of trance state. ...I am a poet of awareness… Continue reading When the words in a dream are loud

The Handout and Starving for Art!

Dedicated to the starving artist, the struggling artist, the committed artist, the brave artist, the relentless artist, the person with their hand out, the person with passion, desire, and a dream... This post really struck a chord for me... and it is a trigger. I love you Leslie for getting mad... there is an issue… Continue reading The Handout and Starving for Art!

Nepal Trip ~ Day 11: Embracing failure and Reflection

We can be so cruel to ourselves sometimes. "I am such a failure. I don't want to fail them. I am afraid of failing." Today I am taking inventory of myself and thinking about the many moments I have felt like a failure and about the ways I have failed others? Today I am not… Continue reading Nepal Trip ~ Day 11: Embracing failure and Reflection

An Artist’s Worth! The Artist Series Part 1 of 3

“We can’t pay you!” “Will you speak at my school for free?” “Its not in the budget!” “That’s not a real job!” “You’re a writer? That’s a nice hobby!” “You’re a writer? I have a great story, you should write my book!” “I want to pursue writing. Do you think you can read my work… Continue reading An Artist’s Worth! The Artist Series Part 1 of 3

On Life and Miracles… #20daysofgratitude

There are things that happen to us that are unexplainable, coincidental, and accidental. I believe they are all happening to me because the miracles are unfolding. May the miracles flow! Day 4 I am grateful for creativity, collaborating and writing the world I want to live in. I am grateful for my breath and the… Continue reading On Life and Miracles… #20daysofgratitude