Afrolatinas: Race, Gender, Militarization in the Americas

Join us for a very important conversation on the economic, political, environmental, cultural and social issues that effect AfroColombian women and women of color throughout all of the Americas. Thursday, March 27th at 6:30pm Da Urban Butterflies 563 West 183rd Street, NY, NY See you then!

Noche Bohemia Celebrando Mujeres / Bohemian Night Celebrating Womyn

In honor of Women's Herstory Month join us tonight for a beautiful celebration of art, poetry, and music. Today I am also honoring the 21'de Marzo como el Día Internacional Contra la Xenofobia y el Racismo / March 21st is the International Day against Racism and Xenophobia - there is nothing more beautiful than spending… Continue reading Noche Bohemia Celebrando Mujeres / Bohemian Night Celebrating Womyn