We Have Risen!

We are entitled to believe in what we believe. Today I am grateful for being alive. Grateful to greet another day. Grateful for the people who love me. Grateful for faith. Grateful for the love in my heart. On Easter Sunday I am grateful for Jesus. The stories I grew up learning was of a… Continue reading We Have Risen!

God, Force, Source, Universe #20daysofgratitude

Never let them take your peace. Never lose your faith. Whatever you believe in... never let someone take it from you. Day 3 I am grateful for good news and laughter. The world is in so much pain so it's nice to just laugh sometimes and hear news that someone is doing incredible things. I… Continue reading God, Force, Source, Universe #20daysofgratitude

BE STILL & KNOW: What are you made of?

BE STILL & KNOW: What are you made of? ~By Alicia Anabel Santos * Harlem, New York What are you made of? Things will show up in our lives... Powerful happenings that make us question everything. Where we are... What we are doing... Who we are... Where are we headed... Who are we. We may… Continue reading BE STILL & KNOW: What are you made of?

I am sorry for your loss…

I was about to leave the hospital when I saw a sign, “CHAPEL” with an arrow pointing forward. There is something really peaceful about chapels, churches, mosques, synagogues, domes, caves, museums and arenas... something sacred about these types of temples. I decided to come to the chapel and write. How many tears have been shed… Continue reading I am sorry for your loss…

Meditation ~ Filling the emptiness

Tonight before I go to sleep I am thinking about those of us in pain. All those who are disappointed. Those with unfulfilled dreams, lost and without direction. Hopeless. Afraid. Alone. Some people are really great at disguising their pain, wearing masks and looking for things and people to fill the emptiness. Tonight I feel… Continue reading Meditation ~ Filling the emptiness

Midday Meditation ~ All will be revealed in time ~

Sometimes we concern and consume ourselves with things, feelings and thoughts that are no good for us. Life is too precious to waste on low frequency thinking. Today I am thinking about people I have perceived have done me wrong and people who have definitely hurt me. Today I am thinking of all those I… Continue reading Midday Meditation ~ All will be revealed in time ~

Meditation ~ The Love I Seek

Thunder and lightening flashing all around me .... pavement wet. heart beating fast. Wind blowing through the trees. Messages for me... rumbling.... sky dark.... flashes of white light throughout my house. Today will be filled with possibilities ♥ Are you open? Can you see it? I do! The sky was dark one moment... lightening hit… Continue reading Meditation ~ The Love I Seek