FYF ~ Chapters 23: Living By Example! #FYFLove #audiobook

We are taught, children should not be seen or heard! Not in my house! On raising daughters and the examples we set! She wrote in her email: "I can't see when the words I used to bring tears to your eyes or cause your fists to come together." She wanted to see me angry. But… Continue reading FYF ~ Chapters 23: Living By Example! #FYFLove #audiobook

FYF ~ Chapters 22: It’s Right There! #FYFLove #audiobook #dreams

I was like the song… Closer to My Dreams   The day I married myself: Together we will only attract gentle life lessons, gentle people and gentle experiences that add to our life not drain us. Together we will continue to work at setting boundaries for the person you are today. We are truly one… Continue reading FYF ~ Chapters 22: It’s Right There! #FYFLove #audiobook #dreams

FYF ~ Chapters 20 & 21 ~ Some People Gotta Go! #FYFLove #audiobook #selfcare

Sometimes You just Have To Let People Go "Don't hang with people who are where you don't want to be. Your friends and the environment reflect what you really feel about yourself. Winners hang out with winners. Losers hang out with losers. When you are on the move, you need people and an environment that… Continue reading FYF ~ Chapters 20 & 21 ~ Some People Gotta Go! #FYFLove #audiobook #selfcare

FYF ~ Chapter 19 #FYFLove #audiobook

When your transformation is a threat to others. On establishing partnerships. How to see and know the intentions of others. And how to deal with those who try to stifle us The importance of surrounding yourself by the right people. People who will lift you. “She’s got it!!! She’s finally got it!” That’s what you… Continue reading FYF ~ Chapter 19 #FYFLove #audiobook

FYF ~ Chapters 17 & 18 #FYFLove #audiobook

I didn't always like her. We have had our differences and arguments. When I could step back and see my mother as a woman first, not this ideal, mythical archetype and fantasy. But a woman with her own needs. Her own dreams. Her own history. Her own wounds. This is where the healing begins to… Continue reading FYF ~ Chapters 17 & 18 #FYFLove #audiobook

FYF ~ Chapters 15 & 16: On Family, Grief and Chasing The Dream #FYFLOVE #audiobook

They announced Senator Barack Obama to the podium to deliver the keynote address. He spoke for a few minutes and read an excerpt from his new book, Audacity of Hope. Once he was done, he said, “Thank you everyone. Enjoy the rest of your day.” Then he exited stage left. My mouth dropped, we weren’t… Continue reading FYF ~ Chapters 15 & 16: On Family, Grief and Chasing The Dream #FYFLOVE #audiobook

FYF ~ Chapter 5 #audiobook #memoir

CHAPTER 5 Excerpt: "All the signs were pointing inwards. Everything I heard and read that day had to do with looking at my past. I was getting these messages every single day. Until you look at your past you will not be able to move forward. I was hearing the same messages in everything. Look… Continue reading FYF ~ Chapter 5 #audiobook #memoir