Reinventing Ourselves ~ Ep. 473

Many of us are terrified of change. Scared to quit that job or leave that relationship, because we gotta eat! But sometimes we are called to stop eating shhhh and find a way to reinvent ourselves. It is so important to surround ourselves by people who love and support us! What have you really… Continue reading Reinventing Ourselves ~ Ep. 473

A Place of My Own

In this episode I share how I’ve been feeling around the question: What do you do when your space isn’t conducive to creating? How do we feel when we do not focus on the thing we love? Today I am reflecting on trying to find space in a world that feels like we are running… Continue reading A Place of My Own

WFW Write IN ~ Week 2

Welcome to Week 2 of the Writing from the Womb Write IN What to prepare for tonight: What are your writing goals? What is your writing intention? What will you complete? This week we focus on WRITING GOALS! We write from 9:00PM-10:00PM EST. For only 2 more weeks I'm offering my writing support FREE! RSVP for WFW… Continue reading WFW Write IN ~ Week 2

What WILL you complete in 2017? #WFW2017 #amwriting #finishit

Dear Writers, I have been thinking about New Year’s resolutions and the setting of intentions and life goals. In my case I have been meditating on my life’s purpose, writer's intent and writing goals. I started my year as I always do my ritual being to say goodbye to the previous year and to welcome… Continue reading What WILL you complete in 2017? #WFW2017 #amwriting #finishit

The NEXT BIG DREAM! Keynote Address Hofstra University

Keynote Address: Hofstra University ~ Hispanic Heritage Month Wednesday, October 22, 2014 Alicia Anabel Santos THE NEXT BIG DREAM! GOOD MORNING I am humbled to be invited to deliver this 2014’s Keynote address in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month. I would like to thank Jenn Christ, Director of Multicultural and International Student Programs for inviting… Continue reading The NEXT BIG DREAM! Keynote Address Hofstra University