Day 25 ~ The Healing Sh*t ~ Goddess Training Workshop

So many people are in pain. We are all going through something. What is on my heart? LOSS. PAIN. GENERATIONAL TRAUMA. All the things I inherited at birth. As I continue organizing this beautiful seven week workshop the intention for creating this space is that spirit whispered to me, "we all have SH*T to heal."… Continue reading Day 25 ~ The Healing Sh*t ~ Goddess Training Workshop

Writing as a Meditation ~ Day 8

As I wake up this morning I begin by walking towards the water to write. I am here at my favorite pier with two loving writers. The water is loud... She is roaring... She is pleased... She is saying so much to me... Her winds caress my face... She is kissing me... She is happy… Continue reading Writing as a Meditation ~ Day 8

I am the center of my universe!!!

Just some afternoon inspiration. This week my beautiful daughter and I stumbled across a wonderful documentary entitled, Beautiful Darling (available on netflix). There were words this woman said and wrote that were so incredibly profound. “I will not cease to be myself for foolish people. For foolish people make harsh judgments on me. You must… Continue reading I am the center of my universe!!!