Giving back! An AfroLatina Retreat!

It is not every day we hear about people who give back!  An incredible woman by the name of Icess Fernandez was the recipient of the Owl Award where she has chosen to fund a weekend writing retreat for 4 to 5 AfroLatina writers from different disciplines ‐‐ fiction, poetry, non‐fiction ‐‐ to explore the… Continue reading Giving back! An AfroLatina Retreat!

Nepal Trip ~ Day 59: I AM Home Safe and Sound!

Taught to hate!   I am home and the first thing I arrive to are headlines about nine people murdered by a white supremacist in Charleston.   After being surrounded by so much peace, so much acceptance, so much love and faith, surrounded by people who are dealing with their own tragedy and devastation... today I return… Continue reading Nepal Trip ~ Day 59: I AM Home Safe and Sound!

Nepal Trip ~ Day 57: Going Home ~ Starting From ZERO!

  My flight leaves soon. I am going home! It has been a long journey.  I have said all my goodbyes. I will miss my team terribly. There were so many tears, so much laughter, so many stories, and so many memories I have made that will stay with me always.  Now that I am… Continue reading Nepal Trip ~ Day 57: Going Home ~ Starting From ZERO!

Nepal Trip ~ Day 56: Poverty is NOT Humility!

Its not cute to be poor. Its less attractive to move in the world believing we are poor. There was a time I hated my life. I wanted something else. I wanted something more. I wanted another life! I wanted what someone else had. I was mad about others having the life I felt I… Continue reading Nepal Trip ~ Day 56: Poverty is NOT Humility!

Para mi madre… cumpleaños feliz!

Seventy years ago a girl was born en el cibao... criada en la capital. She came from a large family. Known for her elegance, her grace, her power, her fierceness, her style, her voice,her up do's, her walk, her take no crap from no one personality... una mujer fuerte. Matriarch Warrior Righteous Brilliant My mother… Continue reading Para mi madre… cumpleaños feliz!

Never could have made it….

I have been sharing my seven days of gratitude on my facebook page, but today's I decided had to be a blog post! Gratitude Challenge ~ Day 6 of 7: Today my gratitude is larger than life! My gratitude is to the greatest most powerful force in my life! 1. Today I am grateful… Continue reading Never could have made it….

The greatest love story ever written

Part 1: It was 4:35pm on a Wednesday, the day was May 27th and the year was 1992. The sun was vibrant, brilliant, stunning and so was the gift I would receive on this same day. Part 2: A 20 year old frightened mother brought a 7lb. 13 oz. little girl into the world. She… Continue reading The greatest love story ever written