Day 42: Born to Write! ~ #wewrite

   The day I realized I was a writer the responsibility of all of it rose for me. The attraction was instantaneous. The fear of the page was real. Before even getting my first words on the page I didn't doubt I could do it. I said to myself, "fuck it" and wrote! I taught… Continue reading Day 42: Born to Write! ~ #wewrite

Day 41: Be Daring! ~ #wewrite

Today was the last Writing from the Womb class. For seven weeks the writers and I have been preparing for this moment, the day each of them would have the audacity and face fear by hitting send and applying to writing competitions and literary journals.  These amazing writers HIT SEND! I am filled with such… Continue reading Day 41: Be Daring! ~ #wewrite

Day 38: Writing Challenge ~ #wewrite

   Rape!!! Rape is the only thing I could think about today. It's a subject I have never wanted to write about.  Sometimes there are things that are too horrible to relive. There are things we are afraid to write. There are things we choose not to get close to. Things we don't want to… Continue reading Day 38: Writing Challenge ~ #wewrite

Day 37: Writing Challenge ~ #wewrite

 Writing is fucking hard.  There are so many things we want to write about. There are so many subjects that come up. Then there's the internal conflict that rises for us as writers. There are things that make us question the direction we're headed in. But we must continue to write.   And so tonight my… Continue reading Day 37: Writing Challenge ~ #wewrite

Day 36: Writing Challenge ~ #wewrite

  Making time to write! I'm hauling ass to get to work right now. Actually, I'm on a bus that if it went up against a turtle in a race, the turtle would win.   When you need to be somewhere fast, delays are guaranteed. You may have the best of intentions. You leave early. You believe… Continue reading Day 36: Writing Challenge ~ #wewrite

Nepal Trip ~ Day 57: Going Home ~ Starting From ZERO!

  My flight leaves soon. I am going home! It has been a long journey.  I have said all my goodbyes. I will miss my team terribly. There were so many tears, so much laughter, so many stories, and so many memories I have made that will stay with me always.  Now that I am… Continue reading Nepal Trip ~ Day 57: Going Home ~ Starting From ZERO!

Nepal Trip ~ Day 56: Poverty is NOT Humility!

Its not cute to be poor. Its less attractive to move in the world believing we are poor. There was a time I hated my life. I wanted something else. I wanted something more. I wanted another life! I wanted what someone else had. I was mad about others having the life I felt I… Continue reading Nepal Trip ~ Day 56: Poverty is NOT Humility!