Tend to the Work! Stay With It!

Tend to the Work and Stay With It! Ep. 48 ~ Afrolatina Show Today is the day I decide to go for some of the things I really want to achieve. In this episode I talk about all I am doing to adjust my life to meet my needs. I am focused today on this… Continue reading Tend to the Work! Stay With It!

31 Day Writing Challenge! #holidaysale #givingtuesday

This is your last chance to join this insane writing challenge! Tomorrow morning we stretch! Join us for the two day FREE WTFS Writing Sessions! How Write the Fucking Story works: We launch on Wednesday, November 29th (tomorrow morning) and we will meet everyday at 5:00AM until December 31st. We are focusing on THE THING… Continue reading 31 Day Writing Challenge! #holidaysale #givingtuesday

FYF ~ Chapters 24: Rejection Sucks! #FYFLove #audiobook

It’s not your place! What do you do when you are constantly told you can’t? How will you rise? What are you willing to do have the life you want? When we constantly hear no--then what? Now what? There are things that push us to really see what we are made of… New chapter 24 ~… Continue reading FYF ~ Chapters 24: Rejection Sucks! #FYFLove #audiobook