Desperation Can Be the Best Inspiration ~ Ep. 228

Sometimes it takes a tsunami or towers crumbling to ashes for us to open our eyes and value life and each other. Today I meditate on the ways tragedy and traumatic events have informed and inspired my work. I am reflecting on the desperation, the hunger required to complete the work I want to leave… Continue reading Desperation Can Be the Best Inspiration ~ Ep. 228

Inspiración ~ Esto Es Vida ~

Sometimes it's time to write a new story with a brand new playlist.... What an AMAZING weekend! ESTO ES VIDA! Besar tus ojos oscuros, dejar atrás las heridas Dormir, dormir pegado a tu pecho Esto es vida Cerrar mi mano en tu mano Y beber tu dulce saliva Meter mi cuerpo Meter mi cuerpo en… Continue reading Inspiración ~ Esto Es Vida ~