Dear Family & Friends:

It has been a minute since I have posted on my blog. I wanted to drop in to say THANK YOU! Thank you for the 16 years of support during my writers journey. Thank you for reading my words. Thank you for sharing my work. Thank you for sharing this space with me. Today I… Continue reading Dear Family & Friends:

Nepal Trip ~ Day 54: Everyday I Wake

When you wake up everyday grateful and happy to be alive your life transforms.     When you give to others there is something beautiful that happens. Amazing things come to you. When your heart is open your blessings come back to you full force. For all the pain I have seen I can honestly say… Continue reading Nepal Trip ~ Day 54: Everyday I Wake

Nepal Trip ~ Day 46: Love them anyway! WELCOME HOME!

Last night I dreamt about my return home. My daughter was there and so many of my closest friends. I snuck away and immediately called my mother who caught me up on all the gossip about my sisters. We laughed about my brother. The woman I love was there. It was a welcoming... I came… Continue reading Nepal Trip ~ Day 46: Love them anyway! WELCOME HOME!

We Are Our Problems…

Atleast ten times a day my eyes will glance at some post on social media about someone's personal problems and private business. Atleast once a week I will entertain a conversation with someone about a problem they are having. Thousands if not millions of times a day people will complain to each other about something… Continue reading We Are Our Problems…