What Weighs Us Down ~ Ep. 302

Some of us feel like we are carrying the weight of the world. Some of us are juggling a million things and failing at everything because life often feels like too much. Today we are lightening the load and this includes letting go of people and things that do not serve us. #lawofattraction #meditation #afrolatinashow… Continue reading What Weighs Us Down ~ Ep. 302

La Santera Pop Up Shop Business Launch

HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT !!! I am thrilled to share the launch of LA SANTERA Spiritual Consulting Firm 🙏🏾 ✨ ✨ ✨ Alicia Anabel Santos is a consecrated iyalocha-priestess and initiated daughter of Oggun and Oya in the Lucumi-Ifa-Regla de Ocha tradition. Anabel is the Founder of LA SANTERA, a spiritual consulting firm providing counseling to individuals… Continue reading La Santera Pop Up Shop Business Launch

Carta del dia 18 de septiembre, 2019 | por La Santera

El mensaje de hoy viene de la carta representando OLODUMARE--(As de discos, As de oro). “¡Caminante, son tus huellas / el camino y nada más; / Caminante, no hay camino, / se hace camino al andar” escrito por Antonio Machado. Olodumare nos viene a decir que lo que creemos, lo que decimos, nuestros hechos, nuestros… Continue reading Carta del dia 18 de septiembre, 2019 | por La Santera

There is Power in the Words We Choose to Speak to Ourselves and Others. ~ Ep. 476

You Have Always Possessed the Power You Seek ~ Ep. 476 (part 2) Today I bring you into my very private practice of prayer and self-love. The power that you're seeking you already hold. There is great power in the words that we speak to ourselves and in the ways we love and hate our… Continue reading There is Power in the Words We Choose to Speak to Ourselves and Others. ~ Ep. 476

Card of the Day for August 19, 2019 | by La Santera

Response comes from:  DAMBALLAH WEDO (Rada, Ace of Swords). Today’s messages are about the breakthroughs that come after the breakdown. We are on the verge of something great. We are being called to protect our ori… our heads. May we be more mindful, feel more at peace and find more clarity as we move this… Continue reading Card of the Day for August 19, 2019 | by La Santera

Messy AF ~ Ep. 358 #thewriterandthestory

Some titles don't require a backstory! This one is for all my #writers out there who are messy AF. I don't just mean disorder, chaos and disarray. The mess that surrounds us externally and internally. #writingpodcast #podcast #thewriterandthestory #mywriterslife https://youtu.be/frqvpdz1UTM How will we clean up the mess? Writing prompts: The mess I must clean up… Continue reading Messy AF ~ Ep. 358 #thewriterandthestory

When the Writing is Crap ~ Ep. 359

Some days you just don't have the words. Some days you don't know how to enter the story or where you even want to begin. Sometimes we writers really struggle with trusting our voice! Even the crappy writing is part of the process. What do we do when we lose interest in our words and… Continue reading When the Writing is Crap ~ Ep. 359

Trying to Write, but they won’t let you… Ep. 360

Sometimes it is hard to write when we are surrounded by our families. Sometimes they just don't get it. Sometimes they don't respect our boundaries and our space. How can we give ourselves what we need in order to get the work done? How can I give my family what they need while still honoring… Continue reading Trying to Write, but they won’t let you… Ep. 360

A Writer’s Guilt ~ Ep. 361

New Year's Eve! Reflecting on the last day of the year and this idea of writer's guilt. Guilt has shown up for me in many ways, mothers guilt, daughters guilt, friends who I have allowed to make me feel guilty, and lovers guilt. I have felt this guilt about choosing my writing over spending time… Continue reading A Writer’s Guilt ~ Ep. 361