Exciting news!!! Whereitzat Media Sponsors for Afrolatinos: #UNLLAMADO

Afrolatinos is excited to announce WhereItzAt  as our Media Sponsor for the UN LLAMADO Campaign and Charity Benefit. We are thrilled to have them join us in this movement that is all about education, celebrating and honoring our people, helping our community and preserving our history! WhereItzAt is a print and internet lifestyle media property created to… Continue reading Exciting news!!! Whereitzat Media Sponsors for Afrolatinos: #UNLLAMADO

Afrolatinos seeks staff for EL ULTIMO LLAMADO charity event!

For five years we have put everything on the line towards the success and completion of this amazing project and today we reach out to you because we can’t do this alone. We are writing to request your help with the Afrolatinos: UNLLAMADO Campaign and Charity Benefit scheduled for June 1st in New York. Help… Continue reading Afrolatinos seeks staff for EL ULTIMO LLAMADO charity event!

Raising Conciousness! Knowing your roots! #unllamado

WOW!!! You all are amazing! What a fantastic conversation from marrying up to its roots in colonialism. Some highlights of the many were: “US had the one drop rule: one drop of black and you were an outcast. Latin America: one drop of white means higher social class.” @Latinegro “the black liberation movement in the… Continue reading Raising Conciousness! Knowing your roots! #unllamado