I woke up thinking about you today. You were present during my meditation, prayers and yoga. I can hear you. I can see your tears. I feel you. You are not alone, yet this work requires you to go there alone. I have read your emails, see your light shining through your writing, I… Continue reading SELF CARE is SELF LOVE!

Lesbian Love Storytellers #baad!ass #freenycevents

  LES HISTOIRES D'LESBIAN AMOUR / THE STORIES OF LESBIAN LOVE returns to the BAAD!ASS Women's Festival. Join us for an evening celebrating and preserving lesbian stories. In honor of the lesbian women of color writers and artists who have come before us and those creating beautiful work today. A night where we Intersect activism,… Continue reading Lesbian Love Storytellers #baad!ass #freenycevents

Day 91: The Reverent Writer! #dearagent #wewrite

Day 18 of Agent Search Dear Agent; I AM THE REVERENT WRITER! Writing has always been part of my spiritual process. Writing is part of my rituals, my healing, and my creativity. Writing has always been about discovery and openness. I write with great care because the subjects are ones I care deeply for. Writing is… Continue reading Day 91: The Reverent Writer! #dearagent #wewrite


If you're looking for something fun, inspiring and FREE to do join us for an amazing LGBTQ film series. Come with your lover, come with your friends... the point is we want you to come. (Insert pun) You are cordially invited to this year's: GET TOUGH, GET BAAD! FEBRUARY 4-14 | GET TOUGH, GET BAAD! is an annual… Continue reading GET TOUGH, GET BAAD! FREE FILM SERIES

BAADASS Women Festival Opening Night – FREE Tonight!

Les histoires de l'amour lesbien / The Stories of Lesbian Love: These are fierce womyn storytellers and artists honoring the lesbians who have come before us, who walk with us and womyn who will leave their stories for the rest of us! Tonight, Thursday, March 12th, 7:00pm to 9:00pm BAAD! 2474 Westchester Avenue, Bronx, NY… Continue reading BAADASS Women Festival Opening Night – FREE Tonight!

Forever Love

That forever love... That person who wants only you and sees no other options... The world is better because she's in it... With her you redefine what love is, what life is, what togetherness is supposed to be, what a partnership feels like... Those quiet moments in bed... Intimacy... A love reserved only for two...… Continue reading Forever Love