#AFROLATINASTOKNOW ~ #5: Yolanda Arroyo Pizarro

#5: Yolanda Arroyo Pizarro #AFROLATINASTOKNOW *** Yolanda Pizarro was born in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico and was raised by her grandparents. She began writing at an early age in school newsletters and newspapers and won drawing and essay competitions at the Colegio San Vicente Ferrer in Cataño. In 2004, Arroyo published her first book of short… Continue reading #AFROLATINASTOKNOW ~ #5: Yolanda Arroyo Pizarro

Fun House EVENT!!!

BAAD! Is at it again... they know how to throw a party. This evening will be unlike anything you have ever experienced. You do not want to miss this historical event! To purchase tickets visit BAAD! Buy a ticket or make a donation! Please spread the word, all proceeds are for an amazing cause. Love,… Continue reading Fun House EVENT!!!

Gladys Bentley – Singing the Hokum Blues

Gladys Bentley was an outrageous, cross-dressing lesbian blues singer and piano player. Wearing her tuxedo and top hat, she sang hokum blues in the New York gay club scene in the late 1920’s and 1930’s. Openly exploiting her lesbian identity, her lewd lyrics and sexual innuendo became a hallmark of the hokum blues style. She… Continue reading Gladys Bentley – Singing the Hokum Blues

Noche Bohemia Celebrando Mujeres / Bohemian Night Celebrating Womyn

In honor of Women's Herstory Month join us tonight for a beautiful celebration of art, poetry, and music. Today I am also honoring the 21'de Marzo como el Día Internacional Contra la Xenofobia y el Racismo / March 21st is the International Day against Racism and Xenophobia - there is nothing more beautiful than spending… Continue reading Noche Bohemia Celebrando Mujeres / Bohemian Night Celebrating Womyn


Happening tonight in NYC! Thursday, March 20 at 8pm Free "LIT" NIGHT "Eight poets bring their bravado and verve to riff on life, love, passion and peace – with J. Skye Cabrera, Yoseli Castillo, Nyna Kennedy, Sheila Maldonado, Alice Myerson, Sargenta G, Kirya Traber and YaliniDream." Venue: 2474 Westchester Avenue, Bronx, NY 10461 ~ 718-918-2110 About BAAD:… Continue reading 2014 BAAD!ASS WOMEN “LIT” Night