FYF ~ Chapters 25: Being In Love With Love! #FYFLove #audiobook

I WELCOME THE MYSTERY! Isn't it amazing that when we are in that, "IN LOVE" feeling what we FEEL and how we see the world and everyone around us seems to be through clear eyes and a completely open heart FREE OF FEARS, free of prejudice, free of judgment, free of hate, free of cares.… Continue reading FYF ~ Chapters 25: Being In Love With Love! #FYFLove #audiobook

Forever Love

That forever love... That person who wants only you and sees no other options... The world is better because she's in it... With her you redefine what love is, what life is, what togetherness is supposed to be, what a partnership feels like... Those quiet moments in bed... Intimacy... A love reserved only for two...… Continue reading Forever Love

Day 23 ~ Open to intimacy… #30DayWriting

Becoming Vulnerable 30 Day Writing Challenge ~ Day 23: INTIMACY! What does it mean to have an intimate relationship? What does it mean to be intimate with someone? What are called to give to others? What are we willing to give, do and be? Do we give fully... or do we keep the walls up?… Continue reading Day 23 ~ Open to intimacy… #30DayWriting