Carta del dia 18 de septiembre, 2019 | por La Santera

El mensaje de hoy viene de la carta representando OLODUMARE--(As de discos, As de oro). “¡Caminante, son tus huellas / el camino y nada más; / Caminante, no hay camino, / se hace camino al andar” escrito por Antonio Machado. Olodumare nos viene a decir que lo que creemos, lo que decimos, nuestros hechos, nuestros… Continue reading Carta del dia 18 de septiembre, 2019 | por La Santera

Stop Being Scared!

Today I am finding understanding in my misunderstandings! “Stop walking round here unprepared / Stop being scared / Stop doing all the crazy things you do, that ain't you. / Stop wasting precious time you have complaining about your circumstance / Believing that you're what you're going through / That ain't you Don't you remember… Continue reading Stop Being Scared!

The Afrolatina Show – Ep. 02 #afrolatinashow

This week on The Afrolatina Show (Ep. 02) we talk about people fearing what they do not understand, different cultures and religious beliefs. I am thinking about this idea of having to hide our religions. Check out the episode and please share your thoughts... let's have a conversation. To listen to the podcast: The Afrolatina Show… Continue reading The Afrolatina Show – Ep. 02 #afrolatinashow

My Iyaworaje: The First 200 Days (part 2)

Before my Iyaworaje began something ugly happened to me, something arrived and shook the very foundation of my faith. The ground beneath me began to open up and I trembled. Things will show up to test how badly you desire something. Things will happen just to see if you are willing to fight for it.… Continue reading My Iyaworaje: The First 200 Days (part 2)

My Iyaworaje: The First 200 Days (part 1)

  Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars. Khalil Gibran Most religions recognize some form of honoring the divine, this invisible presence and representation of a force and source that is passed down as religious text, from person to person, culture to culture and from belief… Continue reading My Iyaworaje: The First 200 Days (part 1)

I was lost and now I’m found…

Not so long ago I left corporate america vowing to never return. I was making over $80K a year, 401K package and company stocks. During that time in my life I could easily spend $300-$500 on any given weekend for no particular occasion, dining at some of New York's posh restaurants and drinking at the… Continue reading I was lost and now I’m found…