Desperation Can Be the Best Inspiration ~ Ep. 228

Sometimes it takes a tsunami or towers crumbling to ashes for us to open our eyes and value life and each other. Today I meditate on the ways tragedy and traumatic events have informed and inspired my work. I am reflecting on the desperation, the hunger required to complete the work I want to leave… Continue reading Desperation Can Be the Best Inspiration ~ Ep. 228

Manifesting Dreams ~ Ep. 232

How are you manifesting the dreams you say you want? How are you co-creating with the universe to move towards achieving the dream? Are you putting in the work? Manifestation requires that we take very specific steps… it requires hard work. Dreams do come true, pero tenemos que poner de nuestra parte.

The Good Life ~ Ep. 248

You were born to have a good life. You were born to be abundant. You are worthy. Today I have talked about how I have allowed myself to be mediocre. We are being called to release poverty and shift how we think about money. We all deserve a good life! #wocpodcasttoo #manifestation #magic #abundance #selfworth… Continue reading The Good Life ~ Ep. 248

Severing Ties with Toxic Femininity ~ Ep. 281

Some ties must be severed! We can't keep holding onto toxic relationships. #meditation #healing #manifestation #clearing #cleansing #purging #releasing #severingties #endings TO BOOK READING EMAIL: CLIENT REVIEW: Did La Santera answer all of your questions? How was the reading?  La Santera answered my questions clearly where I had the feeling like she knew… Continue reading Severing Ties with Toxic Femininity ~ Ep. 281