Desperation Can Be the Best Inspiration ~ Ep. 228

Sometimes it takes a tsunami or towers crumbling to ashes for us to open our eyes and value life and each other. Today I meditate on the ways tragedy and traumatic events have informed and inspired my work. I am reflecting on the desperation, the hunger required to complete the work I want to leave… Continue reading Desperation Can Be the Best Inspiration ~ Ep. 228

Healing Sh*t Series

November 2, 2019 Newsletter No. 007 Greetings beautiful one, Over a year ago I began planning the HEALING SH** series and each of you said YES to being part of this transformative and powerful movement. Unfortunately, I was unable to fully be present for the 33 womyn who answered the call. When my brother lost his… Continue reading Healing Sh*t Series

Our foster baby bringing messages of hope! ~ Ep. 424

#hope #healing #joy #happiness and #peace Wishing you peace, love and prosperity! Anabel **Subscribe and follow my blog to receive daily posts directly to your email**   Links to my work: Author website * La Santera blog  * Subscribe to my  Youtube channel! Podcast available on:  iHEART  * ITUNES  * Spotify  * Soundcloud IG: @_lasantera… Continue reading Our foster baby bringing messages of hope! ~ Ep. 424

Stop Being Scared!

Today I am finding understanding in my misunderstandings! “Stop walking round here unprepared / Stop being scared / Stop doing all the crazy things you do, that ain't you. / Stop wasting precious time you have complaining about your circumstance / Believing that you're what you're going through / That ain't you Don't you remember… Continue reading Stop Being Scared!

We Care About What Others Think!

We Care About What Others Think! Ep. 49 ~ Afrolatina Show Why do we care what others think? Today’s diary is my reflection on seeking approval. “We want to be seen and heard. We want to be respected and validated. We want them to be proud of us. We want to be affirmed.” Some people’s… Continue reading We Care About What Others Think!