Trying To Let It Go ~ Ep. 280

Let it go... what they are trying to put on you isn't yours!!! It takes work to let it go but it is so worth it!  #letitgo #meditation #affirmation #energy #wocpodcasttoo #healing TO BOOK READING EMAIL: CLIENT REVIEW: Did La Santera answer all of your questions? How was the reading?  La Santera answered… Continue reading Trying To Let It Go ~ Ep. 280

Stop Being Scared!

Today I am finding understanding in my misunderstandings! “Stop walking round here unprepared / Stop being scared / Stop doing all the crazy things you do, that ain't you. / Stop wasting precious time you have complaining about your circumstance / Believing that you're what you're going through / That ain't you Don't you remember… Continue reading Stop Being Scared!

Meditation ~ The Love I Seek

Thunder and lightening flashing all around me .... pavement wet. heart beating fast. Wind blowing through the trees. Messages for me... rumbling.... sky dark.... flashes of white light throughout my house. Today will be filled with possibilities ♥ Are you open? Can you see it? I do! The sky was dark one moment... lightening hit… Continue reading Meditation ~ The Love I Seek