Video: Writing from the Womb Intro Workshop

Please know that these writing sessions are sacred. Please credit and cite any quote you grab from here. This workshop was magical. Thank you to every single writer who participated. Thank you Dominican Writers and Word Up Books for providing a space for us to come as we are. Your comments are appreciated. Subscribing… Continue reading Video: Writing from the Womb Intro Workshop

The Good Life ~ Ep. 248

You were born to have a good life. You were born to be abundant. You are worthy. Today I have talked about how I have allowed myself to be mediocre. We are being called to release poverty and shift how we think about money. We all deserve a good life! #wocpodcasttoo #manifestation #magic #abundance #selfworth… Continue reading The Good Life ~ Ep. 248

Writing Workshops, Pop Up Shop & Celebrations!

October 16, 2019 Newsletter No. 005 Good morning family! I believe that we are all called to pursue our passions yet only a few of us will be brave enough to answer. There are so many reasons why October is such an important month for me. October is a month of tremendous highs and lows. While I am a… Continue reading Writing Workshops, Pop Up Shop & Celebrations!

What We Most Value ~ Ep. 298

What do we value? Who do we value? What actually adds value to our lives? Lets take inventory! #afrolatinashow #purge #releasework #writing #writerslife #meditation #inspire #wocpodcasttoo #podcast #manifestation TO BOOK READING EMAIL: CLIENT REVIEW: Did La Santera answer all of your questions? How was the reading?  La Santera answered my questions clearly where… Continue reading What We Most Value ~ Ep. 298

Our Bodies Store the Past ~ Ep. 299

We can't keep going at this pace. Our bodies have a way of stopping us when we aren't taking care of ourselves. What is your body trying to tell you. Today we meditate on the residue of the past and what we can do to pick ourselves up. #afrolatinashow #selfcare #selfworth #selflove #healing #trauma #depression… Continue reading Our Bodies Store the Past ~ Ep. 299

REGISTRATION OPEN: Sankofa Sisterhood turns five!

We are overjoyed to organize the 5th Annual Sankofa Sisterhood Writers Retreat to be held once again in the Catskill Mountains, NY This year’s theme is: The Writer’s Journey for Survival:   Connecting to Wellness and Moving Towards Wholeness May 24 - May 27, 2019 This past year has been filled with constant aggression towards women… Continue reading REGISTRATION OPEN: Sankofa Sisterhood turns five!

Launching #150wordbookreview

What's up book lovers! So today I kick off a new segment of my blog titled: #150wordbookreview. Here I will share my thoughts on the books I am loving or NOT loving and why! Today I kick off my launch by reviewing: HOURGLASS: Time, Memory, Marriage by Dani Shapiro  #150wordbookreview Dani Shapiro’s, “Hourglass Time, Memory,… Continue reading Launching #150wordbookreview

FYF ~ Chapter 30: My Life Was Beginning To Take Off!

How long are we willing to stay in relationships that do not serve us? How long are we willing to wait for people to be what we need? What if they never get there? What if... they just aren't capable? My career was just taking off. I was balancing motherhood, writing, running an organization and… Continue reading FYF ~ Chapter 30: My Life Was Beginning To Take Off!

FYF ~ Chapter 29: How Long Will We Stay?

My word during meditation was NON JUDGEMENT. I was coming to the end of my session and was in prayer position when the words that came into my mind stopped me mid-thought. I stopped to write them down: YOU PUSH ME~ You push me to show you. You push me to say. You push me… Continue reading FYF ~ Chapter 29: How Long Will We Stay?